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GLIXEL: How the Makers of ‘System Shock’ and ‘Ultima Underworld’ Rediscovered Their Roots

Glixel, Rolling Stone’s new game site, interviewed OtherSide’s Paul Neurath and Warren Spector about recently-released VR game Underworld Overlord and reinventing the immersive sim. “There’s a real sense that OtherSide is a group of developers who have come full circle on

GLIXEL: Blood, Sweat, and Dialogue Trees: How Games Writing Has Evolved

  ICYMI – Our own Warren Spector talks about the past, present, and future of game writing with Glixel.   CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT GLIXEL

PC GAMER: System Shock 3 reveals ‘dream’ development team

  ICYMI: PC Gamer posted this breaking article revealing members of the System Shock 3 team. “System Shock 3 reveals ‘dream’ development team”   CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT PC GAMER
System Shock 3 – The latest in the series of classic, award-winning games is in development under the direction of industry legend Warren Spector and a dream team behind such landmarks as the original System Shock, Thief: The Dark Project and Deus Ex.

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