March 24, 2023

Senior Engineer

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Who We Are

OtherSide Entertainment is an independent game studio with offices in Concord, MA, and remote staff throughout North America. Our mission is to create deeply immersive games that draw players into richly imagined worlds; games that empower players to choose their own play-style, making their experience unique and personal; games that encourage players to team up with their friends and weave their own shared narrative; the kind of games that are powered by our players’ vision as much as our own. Together, we aim to evolve the “player-authored” tradition of Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Thief, and Deus Ex – all games developed by the company’s founders, Paul Neurath and Warren Spector.

The Opportunity

We are looking for a world-class Senior Engineer to join us in forging the next generation of immersive simulations that explore and emphasize cooperative play. While our team includes some of the industry’s top developers with a heritage of award-winning AAA games, we are proud to have crafted a unique culture that values smaller teams and celebrates tight collaboration. This is an environment that encourages and empowers individuals to make the kind of impact that is simply impossible when they are cogs in a giant machine.

What We Need

The “Thick as Thieves” team is looking for excellent senior engineer candidates with a specialization in building multiplayer gameplay features. Strong candidates for this role will have experience shipping highly responsive features for a fast-paced action game, and should be passionate about building features that improve the “feel” of gameplay as it relates to movement, traversal, animation, camera, and controls.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about gameplay and building systems that enhance the player’s experience. They will be familiar with contributing to and improving shared technology across multiple projects, and have experience shipping AAA games. They will be experts at Unreal’s character, replication, and Gameplay Ability systems, possess a strong ability to communicate and collaborate with design, and have a passion for the kinds of games we make and love. They will be ready to innovate and invent new ways of doing things.

This position will report to and work closely with the Lead Engineer on the project, who will partner with you on your personal development and career goals at OtherSide and beyond. While this role’s overarching focus will be developing best-in-class player character movement, gameplay, and animation systems, we ask candidates to be willing to contribute to a variety of features for the project when called upon.

Job Responsibilities
  • Drive the process: Be proactive in collaboration with design, engineering, and art teams. Communicate frequently and clearly, keep an open mind, and always steer towards something awesome.
  • Solve problems: No challenge will be too intimidating. Lead technical development of the animation systems and player controls for the game while building libraries and systems for our shared engine technology.
  • Quality matters: Build and maintain elegant systems, but keep the goals of the project in mind. Instinctively know when to course correct and go with a simpler solution.
  • Multiplayer first: Always keep multiplayer, cooperative, competitive, and solo experiences in mind. This doesn’t just apply to our games. You are a part of a team of engineers who you can help support, teach, mentor – and learn from.
  • State of the art: You do not have to give a GDC presentation, but we strive to develop technology and solve problems in innovative ways worthy of a whitepaper. Stay abreast of the state of the art, while being willing to adopt existing, tried-and-true approaches. 
  • Clean house: Engineering can be messy. Help out if someone needs a hand with the less glamorous stuff. Set a good example by leaving everything – code, documentation, the backlog – neater and better for the next person. 
  • Be human: Everyone makes mistakes. Acknowledge it, fix it, and take steps to prevent it from happening again. Be understanding when someone else makes a mistake, too.
All Qualified Candidates Will Possess 
  • 5+ years of game industry experience, or equivalent demonstrable experience. Ideal candidates will also have 2+ years in a role focused on building and maintaining game systems.
  • Shipped at least one game in a team environment. Shipping multiple titles and AAA games are a plus.
  • Skill developing robust multiplayer features. Ideal candidates will have experience building gameplay features that are both correct and responsive under various network conditions.
  • Comfortable working with a broad range of gameplay related systems, such as traversal, animation, camera, controls, and character movement. Well rounded candidates a plus.
  • Experience developing games in Unreal Engine 4 or 5. Familiarity with the nuances and details of the engine is a plus.
  • Experience and near expert-level skill programming with C++ in a professional environment. Candidates who prefer clean and simple code a plus.
  • Good instincts for game design from a player’s perspective, including the influence various systems can have on the player’s experience.
  • Robust communication skills with engineers and other disciplines. Responsive to the needs of designers, artists, and other engineers.
  • Self-motivated, proactive and able to work with minimal supervision.
  • Experience with next-gen console development, benefits and limitations are a plus.
  • Passion for games across genres, and immersive sims in particular.
Additional Notes

This is a full-time, remote working role, with competitive compensation and a full suite of benefits available anywhere in the United States. All team members may be asked to occasionally travel for key meetings, as part of their job responsibilities.

Our people-first approach to game development celebrates diversity, and strives to create a safe and inclusive working environment where everyone is treated equally, with dignity, and with respect. We highly encourage candidates from diverse and under-represented backgrounds to apply, even those that may not directly meet every qualification listed for this role.