October 15, 2019

Ash Caplan

Underworld Overlord Available Now on Oculus Quest

Hello everyone,

Underworld Overlord is now available on Oculus Quest using backwards compatibility from your Oculus GO and Gear VR library!

As a reminder, Underworld Overlord is free to download and demo from Oculus GO and Gear VR playstores.

Follow the instructions here from Oculus to play Underworld Overlord on Oculus Quest if you own the game on Oculus GO or Gear VR.

Note that there are several other GO and Gear VR games that are now available on Oculus Quest through this program. You can view the additional games from the link above under the “Which Oculus GO and Gear VR apps can I use on Quest?

This process is free, and if you are interested in playing Underworld Overlord on Oculus Quest, now is a great time to jump in!


The OtherSide Team

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