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PC GAMER: PC classic commentary: Ultima Underworld with Paul Neurath

ICYMI – PC Gamer has a great video discussing Ultima Underworld with Paul Neurath.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

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EUROGAMER: Underworld RPG series returning with new game

ICYMI – Eurogamer has an article about OtherSide, “Veteran designer Paul Neurath has a new studio.” CLICK HERE TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT EUROGAMER

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Games Pioneer Paul Neurath Forms OtherSide Entertainment and Announces its First Game, UNDERWORLD ASCENDANT

  July 1st, 2014 – Boston, USA – OtherSide Entertainment, a new independent games studio, today announced its formation.  Fronted by game pioneer Paul Neurath, OtherSide Entertainment revealed that its first title, Underworld Ascension™, will mark the return of the

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