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UPDATE: Hints of the Stygian Abyss and Backer Rewards

Hello everyone, The last month’s been busy and productive, as the team just hit yet another major milestone on Underworld Ascendant. (Whew…) We’ve got details to share about our progress, plus an important update on backer rewards. Let’s dive right

UPDATE: The Stygian Abyss as a Functioning Ecosystem and MORE

Why hello, What’s new with Underworld Ascendant? Things have ramped up considerably. Days are full of interesting challenge. Issues are raised, discussed, and are solved or scheduled, appropriately. Progress is occurring in level design, animation, spells, skills, combat, stealth, and more.Again, it

INSIDER BLOG: Will Teixeira 09/13/17

Being an Evil Genius… I’m Will Teixeira, the Lead Engineer of Underworld Ascendant. I didn’t start my career in games; I was an IT guy fixing computers and removing viruses for people. I was always playing around with mods and

Return to The Stygian Abyss…

Underworld Ascendant is the next-generation follow-up to Ultima Underworld, the critically acclaimed series credited with creating the ‘Immersive Sim’ genre and influencing such game series as Bioshock, Deus Ex, Dishonored, Elder Scrolls, and even Minecraft. OtherSide Entertainment, which includes original creators of the Ultima Underworld series, is innovating upon the series’ signature player-authored gameplay in bold new ways.

Return to The Stygian Abyss, a breathtaking fantasy realm, rife with danger and full of intrigue. Journey through the unfamiliar. Unlock your creative potential. Utilize your environment to stack the odds in your favor. Devise the ideal battle plan or dive in and think on your feet.

Each decision holds great opportunity and grave consequence. What you leave behind will be engraved on the lives of others. Assuming you survive…


Enter a fully-realized dungeon realm, rendered in expressive detail, where simulated systems make logical sense and creative experimentation is amply rewarded.


Become embroiled in an epic plot, as rival factions vie for dominance in struggles that ebb and flow across the realm. Your choices will alter the outcome in subtle and dramatic ways. Which side will you join? Will you unite or destroy?


Launch yourself into fluid, intense combat. Cast powerful magic to defeat the enemy. Use stealth and subterfuge to avoid enemies and obstacles altogether. Freely mix and match across any skills to develop a unique hero, tailored to your style of play.


Unlock your creative potential with the Improvisation Engine. Experiment with a wide array of skills and magic. Manipulate your environment – and creatures who reside in it – to stack the odds in your favor.

The game sets the challenge, the solution is up to you. Craft your own adventure.


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