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Note, we are no longer accepting new backers at this time.  You can still purchase the game on Steam and stay up to date on progress via our newsletter.

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Can I edit my pledge as an existing backer?

Yes! Existing backers can still access and upgrade their pledges through BackerKit.

When will Underworld Ascendant (and the prototype, pre-alpha, alpha, beta versions) be released?

The full game was released in November of 2018. As of July 2019, Underworld Ascendant has received four major updates and several hotfixes, along with a console launch on PS4 and Xbox One. Steam keys for the full game and the earlier versions are available on BackerKit for the backers at the appropriate pledge level. Note that if you purchased prototype or pre-alpha access through BackerKit, that key upgrades into Alpha and Beta access of the game on a separate Steam application. Save files from the Backer-exclusive game to the full game is transferable, but not from the full game to the Backer-exclusive version.

Will using the Steam key for the pre-alpha/alpha/beta versions lock me into a Steam version?

Nope! The pre-alpha/alpha/beta versions are completely separate from the final games, so downloading these builds will not affect how you receive your final game.

I see Underworld Ascendant launched on PS4 and Xbox One! Do backers get console keys?

Console keys were not covered under any Kickstarter pledges, so backer access and DLC will remain PC/Mac/Linux-exclusive.

Additionally, 505 Games in no longer publishing Underworld Ascendant on Nintendo Switch.

If either of these statuses change, we will let our backers know.

When can I expect my physical goods? (Boxed Edition, figurines, Custom Theme Art, etc)

We are aiming to begin shipment by the summer of 2019. A Kickstarter update will be sent out as soon as we confirm shipments will begin.

What’s the status of my digital goods? (Companion Creatures, Digital Map, Soundtrack, etc)

You can track the live status of all Kickstarter goods (both digital and physical) here on this sheet.

What’s the story with some people getting these backer-exclusive items?

The backer-exclusive items found in stretch goals and pledge tiers will be fun and distinctive awards, but we’ll work to make sure that these provide no competitive edge over players who might not have them, so as to keep the game balanced for all. All Adventurer+ backers received Vorpa and Mana Leech companion creatures at launch, and all under-Adventurer backers received the Week 1-DLC Companion Creatures that were offered on Steam in November.

I have a favorite feature from the original games. Will it be in Underworld Ascendant?

Our team is committed to staying true to what made Underworld great. But we will also keep making it better! Letting us know what’s important to you is a great reason to join our forums at

The Pioneer and Pioneer’s Progeny pledge levels mention getting the game at a discount. What does this mean?

If you pledge at the Pioneer or Pioneer’s Progeny level (and all levels above, of course) you will get a full digital copy of the game. The discount reference refers to the fact that at the $20 and $25 dollar levels the price is less than what we anticipate the full retail price will be upon the game’s release.

I get extra copies of the game with my $100+ pledge. Do these copies come with backer rewards or exclusives?

The extra copies of Underworld Ascendant provided at pledge levels of $100 or more are “vanilla” copies of the game. They do not come with any of the rewards that are provided at those pledge tiers, including things like in-game items or alpha/beta access.

I’m having trouble accessing my Backerkit/forum account or I have a question that isn’t listed here. Who can help me with this?

  • I think my BackerKit email is registered under an older email address I no longer have access to! What do I do?

Email us at confirming your backer # for Underworld Ascendant OR let us know what your old email address is. We can manually update your BackerKit login email to something more current so you can reset your password and adjust your rewards.

  • I have BackerKit but I don’t know where to find my rewards.

If you log into BackerKit, select the Underworld Ascendant project and navigate to “Digital Downloads.” You should see a page with all of your Steam keys for the full game and any applicable DLC listed. If you believe you qualify for a reward that is listed as unavailable, please contact us at with your pledge information.

If you cannot log into your BackerKit/forum account at all or your question isn’t listed here, email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.