GLIXEL: Why System Shock Matters

Joe Fielder

System Shock gif OtherSide Entertainment Looking Glass Paul Neurath Warren SpectorOtherSide’s Warren Spector and Paul Neurath recently spoke with Rolling Stone’s game site Glixel about¬†System Shock‘s origins and what made it so influential and enduring.

“I remember talking to Doug [Church] at the time about how sick I was of making fantasy games,” says Spector. “I felt like if I had to work on one more game where the hero wore chainmail or swung a big sword, I was going to kill myself. At the time, I was trying to use the Strike Commander (1993) tech to try to make a sci-fi version of Ultima Underworld. I still have the drawings! And then I discovered that Doug Church and Looking Glass founder Paul Neurath were developing something similar. So we decided to have Looking Glass do it, rather than have me try to build a team.”

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