Sam Luangkhot

Hi everyone!

As of launch, we’ve pushed 3 hotfixes, including the one that has just gone out right now. They are listed from most recent to launch day. To stay updated on our hotfixes, please refer to our Steam page here.


You can check on the live status of your digital and physical rewards here.

Note that some digital rewards may not appear in the chest in Marcaul near Aelita unless you start a new save file after you redeem your Steam keys on BackerKit.

If you have any trouble logging into BackerKit or redeeming your rewards, please email us at .

We also released another Developer Video, which outlines what we’re planning after this hotfix! Watch it here.

Hotfix 1.03 (November 30, 2018)

  • Added “Swimming” (Crouch while in water to sink)
  • Walking through shallow water has been improved
  • Arrows now function as expected after Underswamp
    EDIT: Arrows are reported as inconsistent in Underswamp. This is logged.
  • More magic runes are now in Aelita’s rotation for sale
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s rune bag lost some of its runes and known spells when a game was loaded
  • Fullscreen exclusive graphics option is now preserved between gameplay sessions
  • When the player collects the final Abyssal Key, the gate to the Midnight Forum now opens as expected
  • Fixed a rare bug when The Vault of Nyx did not open when the player had all 8 keys
  • Saurians are now less chatty
  • The secret shortcut to the Vault of Nyx has been sealed
  • Infinite loading screen crash for the opening level has been fixed
  • Subtitles can be now toggled On or Off (See: Options->Gameplay)
  • Graffiti language in-level now changes when the player changes their language settings
  • Tuned movement controls for stopping and starting. The controls now respond faster to player input
  • Kickstarter backers will receive 8 dire berries instead of 1
  • General movement fixes
  • Various rare crash fixes

Hotfix 1.02 (November 16, 2018)

  • Russian text previously displayed missing text as blocks. This has been fixed.
  • Subtitles were added in the intro sequence for certain languages (French, Chinese, etc).
  • Partial French VO has been removed.
  • Faction Influences have been adjusted so more is gained from Side Bounties and the total required to unite the factions is lower.
  • Item names and descriptions have been updated in Japanese.
  • Additional monitor aspect ratio support added, like 21:9 (note that the UI may stretch in certain areas).
  • Player spell-book entries are preserved between levels.
  • Fixed issue where a pile of items incorrectly spawned at the start of some levels.
  • Player sound effects removed between loading screens.
  • In-Game Language choice preserved between play sessions. (Note that the Graffiti on walls will remain in the original language until you enter a new level).
  • MAGIC FIST spell now visibly causes an impact reaction on enemies.
  • Added more logging to help gather data on crash bugs


Hotfix 1.01 (November 15, 2018)

  • Chinese localization text was adjusted.
  • Subtitles for the intro sequence were added for some non-English languages.

We are still working on adding more updates to the game. Thank you for your patience!