Update 2 & KS Update (February 2019)

Sam Luangkhot

Hi everyone,

We recently launched Update 2 for Underworld Ascendant! 

We have focused our efforts on the overall structure of the Abyss, the player journey, AI and other gameplay improvements. We believe these changes will improve the overall player experience, especially when starting a new game. The Grand Staircase now connects all of the levels, combat and AI has been improved again.

To read the full list of Update 2 changes, check out our post here on Steam.

For Kickstarter backers, we also bring an update to our rewards production schedule!

We have been focusing the majority of our attention to work on Update 2 and bringing Underworld Ascendant to consoles. As always, you can track the live status of all KS rewards here.

We are currently projecting to have the physical goods (figurines, art books, final hardcover novella editions, collector’s edition, etc) shipped by early summer of this year. Many assets are near completion or need a final review, and any digital rewards such as the soundtrack, Little Friends Claw Knuckles, and digital version of the Tracy Hickman novella, will be rolled out upon completion.

Speaking of Tracy’s novella, the manuscript is now complete. We’re now laying it out for printing. Here is a sneak peek at the covers for the novel, split into two parts:

When we have more to share, we will post another update as soon as possible.

Cheers,The OtherSide Team