Welcome to Alpha: Underworld Ascendant

Sam Luangkhot

Welcome to the Underworld Ascendant Backer Alpha build!

We’re excited to share the build with you and get your thoughts, suggestions and feedback. There is still plenty of time to have an impact in a number of areas of the game, particularly around moment-to-moment game play, world interactions and system simulations. We will review all feedback that you share with us, whether via the survey (linked in game), bug reports or posts on these forums. Please make an effort to keep your feedback detailed and constructive as that will be much more useful and actionable for us.

Please keep in mind that this is an Alpha and the build is representative of an unfinished game. Is it unpolished, buggy, and you might encounter some instability (i.e., game crashes). That’s normal for a game like UA at this point. We’ve been spending a lot of time getting things into the game and now our focus is getting those things working well and working well together.

At OtherSide, we pride ourselves on the breadth of experience and talent at the studio. As a small team of 14, we are striving to deliver a quality game that fits our size and stature. As a result, this is not a AAA game in scope or scale. That said, our goal with UA is to push depth of gameplay variety and we hope it provides a unique array of playstyle options and deeper world interactions. We think you all are aware of that, but it seemed worth repeating.

For the last few months, we’ve been focusing on getting systems, abilities, items, etc in the game and now we’re focused on bug-fixing, tuning, polishing and getting all of the systems working well together. Please pardon our dust!

We are looking forward to your feedback. Keep in mind that it’s a lot easier for us to understand and parse well-thought out and articulated feedback. In particular, constructive criticism and respectful argumentation are greatly appreciated. All feedback will be read thoroughly.


Only EXPLORER backers and above ($50+) will have access to the Backer Alpha build.

To download, please redeem the Steam code provided on the Digital Downloads page on your BackerKit. Backers who had access to the Pre-Alpha Build will not need a new code as we will update the current app on Steam to the Backer Alpha Build.

Your feedback is critical to us at this stage, so once you have finished playing the Alpha, please fill out this survey.


This build includes:

PLUTO’S GATE – this is our post-intro “un-training level,” designed by Cabirus to ease your entrance to The Stygian Abyss. This is an updated and revised version of the area played at PAX East.

UPPER EREBUS – this is a level from later in the game with a variety of enemies and challenges. This is an updated version of the area that was playable at E3.


Note: When you are placed in Upper Erebus, you will receive a large number of skills as if you have completed a number of hours of gameplay. Skill descriptions are available in game and in some cases noted below. This is a powerful kit. You will be able to move faster and withstand much more damage than what you have in Pluto’s Gate. But this will help you test a variety of skills for us and give us feedback on them.

  • Combat
    • Haste
    • Sword Mastery
    • Parry
    • Sprint
    • Pitch of the Pedro – Handheld objects can be thrown quicker to deal more damage.
    • Lift
    • Avatar Smash
    • Jump
    • Feather Fall
    • Wall Run
  • Magic
    • Mage Sight – Allows you to see mana motes.
    • Casting Boost 1-3
    • Mana Boost 1-5
    • Mana Attractor – Automatically brings mana motes within a visible radius to you.
  • Stealth
    • Stealth Sense – While crouching, the UI element will indicate how visible you are. (“Open eyeball” is highly visible, “closed eyeball” is undetected”)
    • Concealment
    • Climb/Mantle – You will automatically mantle over small ledges and objects while moving forward (e.g., holding down “w”)
    • Climb Ropes
    • Dash
    • Dash 2 – While crouching, hold left shift to view where you can dash towards. Release shift to dash. Can leap across gaps. You WILL collide with anything in the way.
    • Backstab – While crouching behind an enemy undetected, striking with a sharp object (sword, dagger, etc) will do bonus damage.
    • Pounce – Attacking an enemy while undetected will do bonus damage.
    • Lucky Shot – While you’re aiming with a bow and arrow, you can time the release when the little arrow indicator is in the center of the bar to receive a damage boost.
    • Sniping – Headshots while concealed deal double damage. Can one-shot Tier 1 Skeletons.


  • Armor (Basic)
    • Masterwork Platemail
    • Boots
    • Helmets
  • Weapons
    • Jewel of Befuddlement – Throw this at an enemy and they will be temporarily stunned and forget they saw you.
    • Flint Arrows
    • Bow
    • Water Arrows – Does not deal damage to enemies. Can put out fires.
    • Blast Arrows – Deals minor damage. On collision, a blast of air will be released.
    • Tripwire – Anything that walks into a tripwire will receive damage, including yourself! Select the tripwire and click Left Mouse to have the placement indicator appear. Move against a vertical surface where the placement indicator is tinted white and click again to place it. If the placement indicator is tinted red, that means an opposing surface is not close enough, and the trap can’t be placed there.
  • Memora – A magical means for capturing memories. Raw Memora is used as currency. Memora containing key information or survival skills is greatly valued. (A Memora containing secrets is a quest item in the Upper Erebus mission)
  • Silver Sapling – Plant it anywhere in dirt. You will always respawn at the Silver Sapling. It can only be in one place at any one time, so be mindful of where you re-plant it!
  • Food
    • Fromage du Propre
    • Eyeless Nether Fish – Don’t ask, don’t tell.
    • Corn of the Erinyes
  • Wands
    • Move Plant – Cast once to bring a wooden object towards you. On the same wooden object, casting again will push the wooden object away from you.
    • Bind Spirit – Charms living creatures and shackles the Undead to the ground for a short period of time.
    • Bind Plant – Immobilizes wooden objects in place for a short time.


  • Tier 1 & Tier 2 Skeletons
  • Rippers
  • Eidolon (Note, cannot be damaged directly)
  • Wisps


A note on what’s in and not in the build: you are seeing a small slice of the game overall, consisting of a training level as well as part of another level. You’re also seeing only a portion of the skills and abilities the game will ship with, particularly only a small amount of magic spells and runes. We’re also deliberately not including much of the narrative and additional quests, primarily to reduce spoilers.

Item interaction – when you grab an object, we display an indicator line that shows where you are hold that object. That anchor point can impact how and where you can place the object. Sometimes it’s easier to “push” objects than “pull” them.

Item Highlighting – we’re investigating being able to turn off the object highlighting for those that wish to do so. The option is not in this build.

Reward Screen – this is still a work-in-progress and we welcome your feedback on it as well as on the kinds of things you would want to show

Narrative and Quests – we are not exposing much of it at this time to avoid or minimize spoilers

KNOWN ISSUES – there are many more, these are the more likely you’ll encounter:

  • Flaming arrows don’t set doors on fire – known bug
  • “Combat and Movement feels clunky” – we’re actively working to refine combat and related systems. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
  • “Stealth Light sensor doesn’t work on Mac+Linux” – it will act as full bright for this build pending a Unity engine update
  • “Spell X is difficult to use or understand how it is supposed to work” – we’re updating the usability as well as the in-game messaging to address this, but please do still tell us how you think they should work
  • “Loading Times are very long” – We’ll be addressing this issue in the coming weeks
  • “Is it Localized?” – Localization has not been fully implemented yet, there are dropdowns in the options but most of the languages are currently empty or have default google translations.
  • Object interaction – currently the players’ hands continue to appear when carrying an item, that will be fixed so that the hands will not show
  • Object interaction – pressing E to drop an item while having the mouse over another object will cause you to drop the first object and pick up the second. That is not the intended behavior and a fix is in the works
  • Object interaction – when holding an object, you can hold the right mouse button down to rotate it and use the mouse wheel to move the object closer or farther away from you
  • Items – Not all food will heal you and we will be getting better messaging in the game about what the different foods will do for you
  • Items – the Silver Sapling won’t plant in various places that look like dirt. We’re aware and working on a fix
  • Items – I keep getting the same loot. Not all loot is enabled in this build, there will be more!
  • Map – the in-game map is not updating correctly so it’s showing, e.g., the end of Pluto’s Gate, not the beginning. We have fixed this already in the main game branch
  • Enemies – Occasionally AI does not initialize in certain parts of a level so that the enemies are standing around doing nothing
  • Graphics – The game is really dark – try turning the Brightness up in the Graphics settings
  • Loading – There’s a long hitch at the beginning of Upper Eberus – this is related to navmesh (AI) loading, we’re aware and fixing
  • Audio – there’s an issue where the volume of audio in menus and the interlude in Pluto’s Gate is much louder than the rest of the game sounds. That is being fixed.
  • Mac – occasionally the level will end on a black screen.Reward screen – not all calculations are 100% accurate
  • Mac – The build may fail to load on OSX 10.13.5.
  • Mac / Linux – Enemy perception is currently very low, an update from Unity should fix that
  • Mac / Linux – You may see some rendering bugs related to item highlighting and torch shadows
  • Mac / Linux – Performance is currently not to part with the Windows version and we will be addressing that as we continue with development
  • Mac / Linux – Some particle systems and surfaces may be black or pink.
  • Rare Crash – Interacting with the lever in the physics room of Pluto’s Gate may crash the build.
  • Rare Crash – Unity’s crash reporting has a rare crash that is ‘most likely’ fixed with the next release.
  • Rare Crash – Using video caching (Social Tab in options) on Windows 10 machines can sometimes cause a crash several minutes into gameplay


If you encounter bugs, please follow these steps:

  • Open the PAUSE MENU
  • Select the “BUGS” option, which will open a new tab with a
  • Enter the title of the bug and basic description. Push SEND.
  • If you encounter a bug in a specific area, you can take a screenshot that attached the coordinates of the location: Ctrl+F12
    • send this to us at support@otherside-e.com with a basic description of your bug


Not receiving the Backer Alpha build, or want to play more Underworld Ascendant? We’re looking for external playtesters! Sign up here.

Playtesting will begin after July 6.