Welcome to Beta: Underworld Ascendant

Sam Luangkhot

Welcome to the Underworld Ascendant Backer Beta build!

Please keep in mind that this is a Beta and the build is still undergoing optimization. Since June, we’ve been bug-fixing, tuning, polishing and getting all of the systems working well together.

We are looking forward to your feedback. It’s a lot easier for us to understand and parse well-thought out and articulated feedback through our official Backer Beta survey. In particular, constructive criticism and respectful argumentation are greatly appreciated. All feedback will be read thoroughly.


Only JOURNEYMAN backers and above ($35+) will have access to the Backer Beta build.

To download, please redeem the Steam code provided on the Digital Downloads page on your BackerKit. Backers who had access to the Alpha Build will not need a new code as we will update the current app on Steam to the Backer Beta Build.

Your feedback is critical to us at this stage, so once you have finished playing the Beta, please fill out this survey!


This build includes:









Note: You can only exchange your Memora for skills with Resherak in Marcaul (or if you find him in the Abyss). All skills are currently available in the build.


  • Armor (Basic)
    • Note that most of these will equip automatically if they are better than your current armor
  • Weapons
    • Jewel of Befuddlement – Throw this at an enemy and they will be temporarily stunned and forget they saw you.
    • Flint Arrows
    • Bow
    • Water Arrows – Does not deal damage to enemies. Can put out fires.
    • Blast Arrows – Deals minor damage. On collision, a blast of air will be released.
    • Tripwire – Anything that walks into a tripwire will receive damage, including yourself! Select the tripwire and click Left Mouse to have the placement indicator appear. Move against a vertical surface where the placement indicator is tinted white and click again to place it. If the placement indicator is tinted red, that means an opposing surface is not close enough, and the trap can’t be placed there.
  • Memora – A magical means for capturing memories. Raw Memora is used as currency. Memora containing key information or survival skills is greatly valued. (A Memora containing secrets is a quest item in the Upper Erebus mission)
  • Silver Sapling – Plant it anywhere in dirt. You will always respawn at the Silver Sapling. It can only be in one place at any one time, so be mindful of where you re-plant it!
  • Food
    • Be sure to eat food ingame to learn their effects!
  • Wands
    • Move Wood – Cast once to bring a wooden object towards you.
    • Bind Spirit – Charms living creatures and shackles the Undead to the ground for a short period of time.
    • Bind Wood – Immobilizes wooden objects in place for a short time.
    • Move Fire – creates a throw-able orb of fire
    • Be sure to pay attention to rune combinations and write down your own!


  • Tier 1, 2, and 3 Skeletons
  • ??? Skeletons (beware Skeletons whose eyes glow red…)
  • Rippers
  • Lich
  • Eidolon (Note: cannot be damaged directly)
  • Animus
  • Deep Slugs
  • Outcasts
  • Chthonians
  • Saurians
  • Wisps


Item interaction – when you grab an object, we display an indicator line that shows where you are holding that object. That anchor point can impact how and where you can place the object. Sometimes it’s easier to “push” objects than “pull” them.

Item Highlighting – we’re investigating being able to turn off the object highlighting for those that wish to do so. The option is not in this build.

Reward Screen – We welcome your feedback on how well the stats listed here reflect your playthrough, as well as your understanding of how you’re being rewarded.

Narrative and Quests – Most of the beginning narrative is revealed in this build. Play at your own risk! Certain narrative spoilers have been omitted until final release.

Save System – This is currently undergoing work. Note that the Silver Sapling acts as a RESPAWN point within a level and not a SAVE POINT.

KNOWN ISSUES – there are many more, these are the more likely you’ll encounter:

  • FOR ALIENWARE USERS: The game may crash if you do not delete the file “AlienFXManagedWrapper3.5.dll” in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Underworld Ascendant Betas\UA_Data\Managed (or wherever you have their games stored)
  • There are some occlusion issues in Pluto’s Gate, Marcaul, and Titan’s Reach.
  • There is a floor texture that has some issues in Pluto’s Gate.
  • “Added to Backpack” is triggered when you first load into Marcaul, even though you haven’t picked up anything. This is handling your unarmed slot as “an object” you picked up, even though it isn’t.
  • Picking up items tooltip appears before player is able to pick up any items.
  • Some water bottles bounce off of torches.
  • Some graffiti is blocky due to font issues.
  • Fog might show some rectangle shapes when observing it from a distance.
  • V/O can sometimes stack in Marcaul.
  • Player is unable to skip/exit the credits.
  • Players can set their names to names with over 50+ characters.
  • Some chests appear open. Upon selecting them, loot magically appears.
  • The Trade UI has some issues with dragging items from one faction to another, stacking on top of other items. The system is currently being worked on and improved on.
  • Dragging items and stacking them onto of other items in the hotbar/inventory causes them to vanish.
  • Selecting Social in Options After Closing Options Shows Blank Panel.
  • Caching video for unlocking feats/imprinting memora is on by default in the Options.


If you encounter bugs, please follow these steps:

  • Open the PAUSE MENU
  • Select the “BUGS” option, which will open a new tab with a menu.
  • Enter the title of the bug and basic description. Push SEND.


Not receiving the Backer Beta build, or want to play more Underworld Ascendant? We’re looking for external playtesters! Sign up here.