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Our founders and team members pioneered the immersive simulation genre, including creating classic games such as Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Thief, and Deus Ex. These games drew players into richly imagined worlds, and empowered players to choose their own playstyle.

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our vision

Player Powered! We make deeply immersive games that draw players into richly imagined worlds. Games that empower players to choose their own play-style, making their experience unique. That encourage players to team up with their friends and weave their own shared narrative. The kind of games that are powered by our player’s vision as much as ours.


OtherSide Entertainment is raising the bar on immersive simulations to new heights. Creating worlds that feel even richer and more alive. Giving players greater agency over their gaming experience. Inviting them to share those experiences with friends, who together are empowered to tell their own stories. We intend to be the world leaders in the next generation of immersive simulations.

Making great games starts with building great teams. We hire not simply top talent, but those who are fantastic teammates and collaborators. Along with making great games, we intend to build a world-class game studio.

commit to excellence

We never compromise on the creative vision that animates each game. We never settle for just ‘good enough’ on those things that matter. We challenge each other to reach higher; to go beyond what might have seemed possible. Everything we do supports that. GOTY contender or go home.

embrace innovation

We make games that dare to try something new. We do not shy from taking creative risks. Some innovations will fail. When we fail, we try again, always seeking a better way. With each new game we embrace at least one innovation that will move the game genre forward. (It may not work as anticipated but if we always knew what to expect we would not be innovating.)

making games is a team sport

We start with a deep respect for the diverse experiences, perspectives, and skills our people bring to the table. Then we foster a profoundly collaborative cross-disciplined work culture. Our teams work tightly together and learn from each other. We have each other’s backs. This collaborative spirit extends to our business partners as they are an integral part of how our games get made.

Own our work

We believe the most successful teams are the ones who are empowered to sort out for themselves how to make the games. This starts by keeping team sizes smaller so that everyone can share in creative ownership.  Everyone is encouraged to voice feedback and to challenge assumptions.   With this autonomy comes responsibility. It’s up to the team to deliver the best outcome, and to always be mindful of helping us be successful. Effective ownership also relies on transparent and honest communication across the studio, and with our partners.

Great Games REquire Great Culture

Making great games requires great people. In turn that means wholeheartedly supporting our people and respecting that they have lives outside of work. As such… We have a no crunch policy. We are extra flexible with time-off and vacation. We support remote work. We keep a lid on meeting time. We commit to supporting our people’s lifetime learning and career growth. We provide comprehensive benefits, and robustly share in the financial success of our games and studio with our teams.

seek joy

Making great games is hard, but also incredibly rewarding. We celebrate together; we play together; we create together. We share our love for what we do with each other, with partners, and with our players. Our passion for making our distinctive kind of amazing games infuses everything we do.

delight our players

While we love making our games, ultimately, we do it to delight our players.  They have the final vote as to if we did our job well. It’s essential that we engage deeply with our community of players. Listen to them carefully and ensure that we’re delivering on expectations.

Fancy joining our amazing team?

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If you are not shy about taking creative risks and embracing innovation…

If you want to make a difference and be part of a team committed to advancing the state of the art and industry…

If you value being part of a tight knit development team that collaborates closely and strives for excellence…

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