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Argos: Riders on the Storm

From the creative mind of Warren Spector comes a new game, set in an alien yet strangely familiar world. As with Warren’s earlier work in the Immersive Simulation genre, the world will offer players the chance to "pick a playstyle" - to decide for themselves how to interact with a deeply simulated outdoor environment. But be aware that the choices you make will have consequences, large and small, and directly affect your experience. You will be able to team up with friends to weave a unique story unlike that of any other players.

Watch this space for more details.

Thick as Thieves

Set in an alternate history Edinburgh, Thick as Thieves throws you into a world of supernatural intrigue. Society’s elite amass wealth and power, while the lower classes struggle to simply survive. It’s time to even the score. Team up with your fellow thieves and relieve the rich of their ill-gotten hoards. You’ll need your wits, a skillful crew and no small amount of luck to pull off daring heists. And if you get filthy rich in the process… who could hold that against you?

More will be revealed about the game in time…

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