June 22, 2023

Joshua Howard


Boston, MA – June 20, 2023 – Game development studio, OtherSide Entertainment, today
announces a new strategic partnership with the Aonic video gaming group.

The partnership will greatly enhance OtherSide’s ability to continue to grow the studio and
deliver original titles that take games to new levels of the studio’s signature “player agency”

The co-founders of OtherSide, Paul Neurath and Warren Spector, are best known for their work
pioneering the “Immersive Simulation” genre. Games like SYSTEM SHOCK, THIEF and DEUS EX empower 
players to tell their own stories through their playstyle choices. The mission of OtherSide is to 
innovate and take this genre forward. Paul and Warren are just two of a larger team of talented
and passionate game developers at OtherSide who embrace this mission.

“I am thrilled to closely partner with Aonic,” says Paul Neurath, CEO of OtherSide. “It is rare to
have such tight alignment of vision with a partner. And in getting to know the Aonic team over
the past half-year, we have grown to deeply respect their company culture and the caliber of their
team. This is a new chapter for OtherSide, and I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish
together with Aonic.”

“Great partnerships and great games arise from shared goals, shared vision, and shared values,”
says Warren Spector, Chief Creative officer and co-founder of OtherSide. “Aonic and OtherSide
come together with all of these factors in place. The Aonic mission of supporting the creation of
innovative games is inspiring; the cooperative “family of studios” approach they’re taking to
growth and collaboration is unique and smart; and their cultural values are in line with the kind
of studio Paul and I wanted to create when we founded OtherSide. I see great things coming from
this partnership, things that will surprise and delight players.”

“Aonic was created to be a partner that adapts to the needs of each studio to support them in the
best possible way without taking away any independence. From the first meeting we knew that
Paul, Warren and the whole OtherSide team would be a fantastic match for our collective. We
are thrilled to see what synergies will emerge from this new and exciting partnership and all
gamers can look forward to the amazing games we will create together.” says Olliver Heins,
CPO and co-founder of Aonic.
About OtherSide Entertainment
OtherSide Entertainment’s co-founders, Paul Neurath and Warren Spector, first started working together 
in the 1990’s, providing creative direction on games that pioneered the “Immersive Simulation” genre. 
Among those games are classics still being played today  award-winning games like ULTIMA UNDERWORLD, 
SYSTEM SHOCK and THIEF at Looking Glass Technologies; as well as DEUS EX and DISNEY EPIC MICKEY 
at Ion Storm, and Junction Point respectively.
In 2016, Neurath and Spector joined forces again to create a new studio  OtherSide
Entertainment. They are joined there by a deeply talented and passionate team of developers who
share the mission to create a new generation of “Player Powered” games.
Digital Development Management, an agency focused on supporting the goals of dozens of Indie
game studios like OtherSide, facilitated lining up the partnership with Aonic
More information about OtherSide, the studio’s new games, and the teams creating them can be
found at the OtherSide Entertainment website (https://otherside-e.com/) or on social media on
Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OtherSideEntertainment/), Twitter (@OtherSide_Games),
and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/othersideentertainment/).
About Aonic
Aonic is a new video gaming group whose goal is to be the best home for small-to-midsize
studios. To realize this vision, Aonic’s approach is to create a family of like-minded studios
studios that want to be part of a strong group that enables each team to maintain its unique,
independent spirit and identity, with creative freedom to express their visions fully and at a level they couldn’t achieve on their own.
Aonic’s core belief is that the creativity of small & midsize studios will drive innovation in our
industry, but scale matters more and more. Therefore, Aonic has set out to create a dedicated
gaming powerhouse across mobile, console, PC and VR devices, offering an environment for
creative teams to work together to thrive and create games that will take both the business and
the medium of games forward.
More information about Aonic and the company's family of studios can be found at

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