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Putting together a team for a big job in the Forgotten Realms. 

(c) Wizards Of The Coast 2018 – art: Eric Belisle

We’re in early days still on this new game; more will be revealed in due time… :


Gameplay Engineer

Senior Gameplay Engineer

Please submit your resumes to :

OtherSide Entertainment is a growing independent game studio with offices in Boston, MA and Austin, TX. We’re focused on providing players with innovative gameplay, immersive worlds, and engaging narrative. Our specialty is what are called “immersive sims” in the tradition of Ultima Underworld, System Shock, Thief and Deus Ex – all games developed by the company’s founders, Paul Neurath and Warren Spector.  We’re taking this genre forward with a new generation of games. Our studio has a dynamic development culture, with a focus on self-empowered smaller sized teams that collaborate tightly, a nimble approach to development to ferret out the best innovations, and reaching for a wonderfully high bar to delight our fans.


NOTE: Due to the volume of inquiries, we may not be able to respond to all applications submitted.